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burned or reduced to charcoal; scorched; singed
Not to be confused with:
chard – a variety of beet with leaves that are used as a vegetable
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char 1

v. charred, char·ring, chars
1. To burn the surface of; scorch.
2. To reduce to carbon or charcoal by incomplete combustion. See Synonyms at burn1.
1. To become scorched.
2. To become reduced to carbon or charcoal.
A substance that has been scorched, burned, or reduced to charcoal.

[Back-formation from charcoal.]

char 2

also charr  (chär)
n. pl. char or chars also charr or charrs
Any of several salmonid fishes of the genus Salvelinus, usually having a dark body with light spots, and including the arctic char, the brook trout, and the lake trout.

[Origin unknown.]

char 3

 (chär) Chiefly British
A charwoman.
intr.v. charred, char·ring, chars
To work as a charwoman.

[Middle English, a piece of work, from Old English cierr, a turning.]
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burnt and blackened
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[tʃɑːd] ADJcarbonizado
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[ˈtʃɑːrd] adj (= burnt) [remains, bodies] → carbonisé(e)
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a. carbonizado-a.
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References in classic literature ?
The turf and gravel about it seemed charred as if by a sudden explosion.
Past the village of Achmet Zek their way led them, and there they found but the charred remains of the palisade and the native huts, still smoking, as mute evidence of the wrath and vengeance of a powerful enemy.
The brown and charred rags that hung from the sides of it, I presently recognized as the decaying vestiges of books.
Her fate was as certain as though the waters had already closed above her charred and smoking remains.
These drawing-room astronomers professed to explain the charred aspect of the moon-- a disaster which they attributed to the intensity of the solar heat; only, on being reminded that comets have an atmosphere, and that the moon has little or none, they were fairly at a loss for a reply.
Directing the coachman to a place under the shed in the big, clean, tidy yard, with charred, old-fashioned ploughs in it, the old man asked Levin to come into the parlor.
The fire beside me had sunk down, and only charred beams of timber glowing at the central ends and mixed with a grey ash of brushwood remained.
As she sat with the paper folded between her hands, the charred log fell asunder.
No flames were seen, but columns of smoke rose on all sides, and all Moscow as far as Pierre could see was one vast charred ruin.
To one side lay the cigarette stump and the charred match which had lighted it.