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1. A document issued by a sovereign, legislature, or other authority, creating a public or private corporation, such as a city, college, or bank, and defining its privileges and purposes.
2. A written grant from the sovereign power of a country conferring certain rights and privileges on a person, a corporation, or the people: A royal charter exempted the Massachusetts colony from direct interference by the Crown.
3. A document outlining the principles, functions, and organization of a corporate body; a constitution: the city charter.
4. An authorization from a central organization to establish a local branch or chapter.
5. Special privilege or immunity.
a. A contract for the commercial leasing of a vessel or space on a vessel.
b. The hiring or leasing of an aircraft, vessel, or other vehicle, especially for the exclusive, temporary use of a group of travelers.
7. A written instrument given as evidence of agreement, transfer, or contract; a deed.
Of, relating to, or being an arrangement in which transportation is leased by a group of travelers for their exclusive, temporary use.
tr.v. char·tered, char·ter·ing, char·ters
1. To grant a charter to; establish by charter.
2. To hire or lease by charter: charter an oil tanker.
3. To hire (a bus or airplane, for example) for the exclusive, temporary use of a group of travelers.

[Middle English chartre, from Old French, from Latin chartula, diminutive of charta, paper made from papyrus; see card1.]

char′ter·er n.


[ˈtʃɑːtərəʳ] Nfletador(a) m/f
References in classic literature ?
Almost each morning a letter from my owners would arrive, directing me to go to the charterers and clamour for the ship's cargo; to threaten them with the heaviest penalties of demurrage; to demand that this assortment of varied merchandise, set fast in a landscape of ice and windmills somewhere up-country, should be put on rail instantly, and fed up to the ship in regular quantities every day.
Then a time charter, Norfolk, Virginia, loading mysterious contraband coal and sailing for South Africa under orders of the mysterious German supercargo put on board by the charterers.
The crew was sickly, the cargo was coming very slow; I foresaw I would have lots of trouble with the charterers, and doubted whether they would advance me enough money for the ship's expenses.
Meantime the owner, the underwriters, and the charterers squabbled amongst themselves in London, and our pay went on.
No, you won't,' says she; 'I'm the charterer of the Emily, and Captain Munster has acted under my orders.
This new charter demonstrates the charterers continued confidence in our company to deliver excellent service and support them in their operations.
Singapore - Rates for capesize bulk carriers on key Asian routes could slip next week as charterers manage fixing activity to put a ceiling on freight prices, brokers said.
Wallentin acknowledges that the solution and guarantee may not be attractive for all vessels and all trades, but that the methodology behind HPS serves as a useful tool for all owners and charterers seeking improved data on hull performance.
He says the move is indicative of a growing trend by charterers to adopt the latest coatings technology, both on owned and long-term chartered tonnage.
During the routine month-long examination of these dossiers, interested third parties are invited to submit their comments before the relevant deadlines (fax: +32 2/296 43 01):- acquisition by the Italian oil and gas company ENI, through its financial subsidiary Agip Investments plc, of full control of the oil exploration and production company Lasmo plc;- takeover by the British financial services subsidiary of the Dutch banking group ABN AMRO Private Equity Ltd of a British company specialising in frozen foods and prepared meals Perkins Food;- acquisition by the German enterprise C&N Touristic AG of full control of the British company Thomas Cook Holding Ltd, both travel agencies, charterers and hoteliers.
This book would be of value to practitioners who deal with maritime matters, Ship owners, Ship operators, Ship managers, Charterers, Charterers' agents and ships agents, Shipbrokers, Commodity traders and brokers and Arbitrators and other professionals involved in dispute resolution.
When charterers in the Americas brought several cargoes onto the market at once Wednesday, they were met by an extremely short position list and freight rates jumped to a four-month high as a result.