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Variant of cartulary.


n, pl -laries
(Law) a variant of cartulary


or car•tu•lar•y

(ˈkɑr tʃəˌlɛr i)

n., pl. -lar•ies.
a register of charters, title deeds, etc.
[1565–75; < Medieval Latin chartulārium]

chartulary, cartulary

1. a book containing charters.
2. the official in charge of such a book.
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 a collection or set of charters, 1571. See also archives.
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Indeed, in his account of this manuscript and the Chartulary of Mont-Saint-Michel, (33) Cahn observes that the closest comparisons, stylistically, for the decorative initials are to be found in southern England.
Gabriel, Student Life in Ave Maria College, Mediaeval Paris: History and Chartulary of the College, Publications in Mediaeval Studies, The University of Notre Dame, vol.
* Each group will have the same set of REED documents, including the York Mercers' Inventory; the Coventry Drapers' Accounts for 1565 for scenery; the Coventry Drapers Accounts of 1567 and 1572 for fabrics; records of pageant wagons (York, Mercers' Chartulary, 1501; Chester, Cordwainers and Shoemakers' records, 1549); some items pertaining to expenses; and a map of York and/or Chester