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Variant of cartulary.


n, pl -laries
(Law) a variant of cartulary


or car•tu•lar•y

(ˈkɑr tʃəˌlɛr i)

n., pl. -lar•ies.
a register of charters, title deeds, etc.
[1565–75; < Medieval Latin chartulārium]

chartulary, cartulary

1. a book containing charters.
2. the official in charge of such a book.
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 a collection or set of charters, 1571. See also archives.
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Indeed, in his account of this manuscript and the Chartulary of Mont-Saint-Michel, (33) Cahn observes that the closest comparisons, stylistically, for the decorative initials are to be found in southern England.
Gabriel, Student Life in Ave Maria College, Mediaeval Paris: History and Chartulary of the College, Publications in Mediaeval Studies, The University of Notre Dame, vol.
Each group will have the same set of REED documents, including the York Mercers' Inventory; the Coventry Drapers' Accounts for 1565 for scenery; the Coventry Drapers Accounts of 1567 and 1572 for fabrics; records of pageant wagons (York, Mercers' Chartulary, 1501; Chester, Cordwainers and Shoemakers' records, 1549); some items pertaining to expenses; and a map of York and/or Chester