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Of or relating to a flower that is pollinated after it opens.

[Greek khasma, an opening + -gamous.]

chas·mog′a·my n.
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The open, chasmogamous flowers (1 cm) of Epifagus are tubular, having four purple and white petals and are located on the upper portion of the stem (Radford et al.
Flowers are hermaphrodites and typically chasmogamous, with five yellow, white or pink-purplish petals conforming a disc-shaped corolla.
Aspicarpa steinmannii differs from all other species of Aspicarpa by the combination of a shrubby habit with very small leaves lacking stipules, floral bracts equalling the vegetative leaves, chasmogamous flowers borne at the apex of branches, and a samara with the three equal wings.
cleistogamous and restricted, Iberian chasmogamous are peninsula & North self-compatible Africa A.
caroliniensis are known to produce both chasmogamous (outcrossed) and cleistogamous (small, self-fertilized) flowers (Long & Uttal 1962; Long & Lakela 1978).
Fruwirth (1905) observed that cool temperature and adequate rain can increase the proportion of chasmogamous flowers.
She is studying the effect of prescribed fire and invasive plant removal on the demography, population genetic structure, and breeding system of Viola conspersa, a state-listed violet that produces both chasmogamous (open) and cleistogamous (closed) flowers.
Germination requirements of aerial chasmogamous florets and seeds of Nassella leucotricha (Poaceae).
chasmogamous flowers), but it also produces cleistogamous flowers, which do not open and are self-pollinated.
It reproduces primarily by cleistogamous flowers (obligately self-fertilized), but larger plants may produce chasmogamous flowers (potentially outcrossing).
Plants of Impatiens are capable of producing both cleistogamous (CL) and chasmogamous (CH) flowers.