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Of or relating to a flower that is pollinated after it opens.

[Greek khasma, an opening + -gamous.]

chas·mog′a·my n.
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(Botany) botany the production of flowers that open, so as to expose the reproductive organs and allow cross-pollination. Compare cleistogamy
[C20: from New Latin (flores) chasmogami from Greek khasma chasm + -gamy]
chasˈmogamous adj
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Furthermore, it is also noticeable the diversity of traits inherent in this genus, the species differing in longevity (therophytes to chamaephytes), flower colour (white, pink, yellow, orange) and size, flower biology (cleistogamy and chasmogamy) and breeding and mating systems (autogamy, xenogamy, self-compatibility, self-incompatibility) (Arrington & Kubitziky 2003, Rodriguez-Perez 2005).
The Mesoamerican subtribe Thyrsantheminae includes just 21 species, but contains nearly the full range of morphological and ecological diversity in the family: from fully open to tubular flowers, cleistogamy to chasmogamy, spreading stoloniferous plants to compact rosettes, and from habitats at sea level to 3,000 m in elevation.
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Self-pollination can be favored by cleistogamy, chasmogamy and self-compatibility, while cross pollination can be favored by dichogamy, herkogamy and self-incompatibility (Frankel & Galun, 1977).
These mechanisms include protogyny, chasmogamy, heterostyly, self-incompatibility, self-sterility, entomophily, anemophily, and hydrophily.
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