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1. Any of certain light cavalry or infantry troops trained for rapid maneuvers.
2. A hunter.
3. A uniformed footman.

[French, from Old French chaceor, from chacier, to pursue; see chase1.]


(ʃæˈsɜː; French ʃasœr)
1. (Military) French army a member of a unit specially trained and equipped for swift deployment
2. (in some parts of Europe, esp formerly) a uniformed attendant, esp one in the livery of a huntsman
(Cookery) (often postpositive) designating or cooked in a sauce consisting of white wine and mushrooms
[C18: from French: huntsman]



1. one of a body of French cavalry or infantry troops trained for rapid movement.
2. a liveried servant, esp. a footman.
3. a hunter.
[1790–1800; < French: literally, chaser; see chase1, -eur]
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D'apres l'armee israelienne, le chasseur menait des attaques contre des "cibles iraniennes" en Syrie apres avoir intercepte un drone venu du territoire syrien.
His participation in the Cayman Culinary Competitions every year won him six gold medals across different categories, and he was also lauded as Chef de Chasseur for the most innovative Caribbean Dish in 2008.
star STAR BUY buy 2015 Cuvee Chasseur French Red PS4.
One gallery, painted the shade of pastel green that museums seem to reserve for historic masterworks, contained a framed reproduction of Gericault's Officier de chasseurs a cheval de la garde imperiale chargeant (The Charging Chasseur), 1812.
A wine for classic French poultry dishes such as Chicken Chasseur.
I compared T a glass of Tavernello Vino d'Italia Rosso side by side with Cuvee Chasseur vin de France (*RRP PS4.
I compared T a glass of Tavernello Vino f d'Italia Rosso side by side with Cuvee Chasseur vin de France (*RRP PS4.
A l'inverse, le rapport du chasseur a sa proie est plus delicat a analyser en termes d'affect, du fait notamment de la mise a mort qui le caracterise.
CHASSEUR A Silver dish B Huntsman C Fire-box who am I?
The presidency said in a statement that the soldier, from the First Parachute Chasseur Regiment, was killed in combat on Saturday night.
Certain cuts of beef were also used at the time, with dishes such as steak and mushroom casserole and braised beef chasseur with young carrots and chateau potatoes featuring in the airlines 1948 menus.
His huge selection of Italian fine wines is designed to complement mouthwatering Yuletide dishes such as roast turkey, salmon sambuca, entrecote steak chasseur, or myriad pasta dishes.