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tr.v. chas·tened, chas·ten·ing, chas·tens
1. To correct by punishment or reproof; take to task.
2. To restrain; subdue: chasten a proud spirit.
3. To rid of excess; refine or purify: chasten a careless writing style.

[Alteration of obsolete chaste, from Middle English chasten, chastien, from Old French chastiier, from Latin castigāre; see castigate.]

chas′ten·er n.
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Dante as a persona is present in D'Annunzio's works in the form of chastener or pilgrim.
This constant external chastener ultimately becomes part of each historian's internal control apparatus.
Before the Chastener humbly let me bow: O'er hearts divided and o'er hopes destroy'd, Roll on, vain days!