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also châ·teau  (shă-tō′)
n. pl. cha·teaus or cha·teaux (-tōz′)
1. A castle or manor house in a French-speaking region.
2. An estate where wine is produced and often bottled, especially in the Bordeaux region of France.
3. A large country house.

[French château, from Old French chastel, from Latin castellum, castle; see castle.]


(ˈʃætəʊ; French ʃɑto) or


n, pl -teaux (-təʊ; -təʊz; French -to) or -teaus
1. (Architecture) a country house, castle, or manor house, esp in France
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in Quebec) the residence of a seigneur or (formerly) a governor
3. (Brewing) (in the name of a wine) estate or vineyard
[C18: from French, from Old French chastel, from Latin castellum fortress, castle]


or cha•teau


n., pl. -teaus (-ˈtoʊz) -teaux (-ˈtoʊz, -ˈtoʊ)
1. a castle, fortress, or stately residence in France.
2. a large country house or estate, esp. in France.
3. a winegrower's estate, esp. in the Bordeaux region of France: often used as part of the name of a wine.
[1730–40; < French; Old French chastel < Latin castellum; see castle]
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Noun1.chateau - an impressive country house (or castle) in Francechateau - an impressive country house (or castle) in France
country house - a house (usually large and impressive) on an estate in the country


chateau [ˈʃætəʊ] [châteaux] [ˈʃætəʊz] (pl) nchâteau m
References in classic literature ?
The Chateau du Glandier is one of the oldest chateaux in the Ile de France, where so many building remains of the feudal period are still standing.
The domain of Bracieux, chateaux, forests, plowed lands, forming three farms.
In goods which I cannot detail here for want of room, and which furnish all my chateaux or houses, but of which the list is drawn up by my intendant.
0844 544 4208 Code LV 14 March 2014 4 days from PS269 Combine the magical city of Paris with visits to the breathtaking Chateaux of Versailles and Vaux le Vicomte.
LIVE like a king or queen without going broke when you take advantage of an amazing autumn cut-price stay at these fabulous French chateaux.
THE most expensive wines in the world are from the great chateaux of the Medoc in Bordeaux.
In 1855 the French designated chateaux growths from first to fifth according to the prices their wines commanded.
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Some of France's most beautiful chateaux have been converted into hotels, so it's possible to live the dream, if only for a few days.
The package includes a two-night hotel stay in Brussels, two nights in any of the chateaux, air fare and car rental.
Leading the delegation was Jean-Michel Cazes of chateaux Lynch-Bages and Pichon Longueville; John Kolasa of Chateau Latour; Jacques Pedro, Chateau le Meynieu and also mayor of a French town, Vertheuil since 1971.
Relais et Chateaux has 150 distinctiveestablishments in France.