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The master of a castle; a castellan.

[Middle English chatelein, from Old French chastelain, from Latin castellānus, from castellum, castle; see castle.]


(ˈʃætəˌleɪn; French ʃɑtlɛ̃)
(Historical Terms) the keeper or governor of a castle
[C16: from French, from Latin castellānus occupant of a castle]


(ˈkæs tl n, kæˈstɛl ən)

the governor of a castle.
[1350–1400; < Old North French < Latin castellānus occupant of a fortress]
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"That is to say you can readily distinguish a fortress from a simple fortification, such as is allowed to chatelains or vassals?"
This is how it runs: `A le moult puissant et moult honorable chevalier, Sir Nigel Loring de Christchurch, de son tres fidele ami Sir Claude Latour, capitaine de la Compagnie blanche, chatelain de Biscar, grand seigneur de Montchateau, vavaseur de le renomme Gaston, Comte de Foix, tenant les droits de la haute justice, de la milieu, et de la basse.' Which signifies in our speech: `To the very powerful and very honorable knight, Sir Nigel Loring of Christchurch, from his very faithful friend Sir Claude Latour, captain of the White Company, chatelain of Biscar, grand lord of Montchateau and vassal to the renowned Gaston, Count of Foix, who holds the rights of the high justice, the middle and the low.'"
The Chatelains acquired the house for $730,000 in July 2004 from Robert Scroggin Jr.
The Chatelains bought the property in May 2000 for $448,000 from Jim Garner Construction Co.