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cat's-eye quartz


Having a changeable luster.
A chatoyant stone or gemstone, such as the cat's-eye.

[French, present participle of chatoyer, to shimmer like cats' eyes, from chat, cat, from Vulgar Latin *cattus, perhaps of African origin.]

cha·toy′an·cy n.


1. having changeable lustre; twinkling
2. (Jewellery) (of a gem, esp a cabochon) displaying a band of light reflected off inclusions of other minerals
(Jewellery) a gemstone with a changeable lustre, such as a cat's eye
[C18: from French, from chatoyer to gleam like a cat's eyes, from chat cat1]
chaˈtoyancy, chaˈtoyance n


(ʃəˈtɔɪ ənt)

1. changing in luster or color: chatoyant silk.
2. (of a gemstone) reflecting a single streak of light when cut in a cabochon.
3. a chatoyant gemstone, as a cat's-eye.
[1790–1800; < French, present participle of chatoyer to change luster like a cat's eye, v. derivative of chat cat]
cha•toy′ance, cha•toy′an•cy, n.
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Adj.1.chatoyant - varying in color when seen in different lights or from different angles; "changeable taffeta"; "chatoyant (or shot) silk"; "a dragonfly hovered, vibrating and iridescent"
colorful, colourful - having striking color; "colorful autumn leaves"
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L'attaquant des Verts a illumine le ciel du football anglais imposant un style de jeu chatoyant fait de rapidite d'execution, de creativite et surtout d'humilite.
Dans ce meli-melo nonchalant, le restaurant garde son sourire chatoyant.
Diamond-bearing eclogite xenoliths * Cat's-eye calcite from Pakistan * Large chatoyant Brazilian emerald * Nonbeadcultured pearls from Strombus gigas * Purple scapolite * Synthetic star sapphire with diffusion-induced colour and star * Partially filled blue chalcedony * Presumably oiled ruby * Inclusions in synthetic star sapphire * Diamond slices * Large Namibian demantoid * Nephrite from British Columbia * Baroque cultured pearls * Ruby from Namya, Myanmar * Rock Creek sapphire update * Unusual tourmaline necklace * Conference reports.
Tout d'abord, c'est Swann qui compare Odette a "la femme entretenue - chatoyant amalgame d'elements inconnus et diaboliques, serti, comme une apparition de Gustave Moreau, de fleurs veneneuses entrelacees a des joyaux precieux" (CS 263).
Chanteur, <<sous le signe de la dispersion, de la multiplicite, du gout pour lobjet changeant et chatoyant qu'un autre objet remplace indefiniment, au gre d'une [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] qui accapare toutes les fonctions de lame, et en particulier celle pour laquelle elle est la moins faite: la fonction de connaissance qui permet le jugement droit>> (101).
None of the deities in question carries Nairrta's usual attribute, namely a sword (khadga), but instead a lotus topped with an object that could represent a jewel or the chatoyant sunstone (suryakanta).
Un tableau de Francis Bacon insoutenable a regarder et si chatoyant par ses couleurs, et encore, le peintre a deja exerce le filtre du media pictural.
brightness: triste, terne, mat, chatoyant, brillant, eclatant, etincelant, vif, lumineux.
Not only the "green beryls" of Pasht--who is a "cat-headed Egyptian sun-goddess" (Wilde, Poems 308) (17)--are chatoyant, but also the Sphinx herself who is a "cat" with "eyes of satin rimmed with gold" (1.
Banville's praise of the villanelle is ornate: "Et rien n'est plus chatoyant que ce petit poeme.
Brown at Howard and Robert Hayden at Fisk were easily accessible to a young, emergent African American student body--and what you have is a confluence of generations, poets, styles, and ideals after the Second World War and prior to the Black Arts Movement that is far more varied and chatoyant than is generally perceived.