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adj. chat·ti·er, chat·ti·est
1. Inclined to chat; friendly and talkative.
2. Full of or in the style of light informal talk: a chatty letter.

chat′ti·ly adv.
chat′ti·ness n.
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It's this chattiness that gives Patel his unique voice, one that I look forward to hearing for years to come.
As a reward for my chattiness, the emcee who announces each arrival led me through a gate closed to the public so that I could get a better look at a passing ship.
Zambra's is not a survivor's guide, but an ingenuous vade mecum that pokes fun at his cohort's pretensions and currying favors ("De novela, ni hablar'), wisely situating itself between erudition and chattiness ("La literatura de los hijos," on Donoso's daughter's memoir), and ultimately offering a sui generis theory of reading.
Optimized for Virtual Devices: Virtela ESC applies caching, compression, higher layer communication protocol and other application optimization techniques to reduce application chattiness, resulting in 5-25x faster performance.
He is unusually withdrawn when questioned about Red Dwarf's plot but reverts to cheerful chattiness when it comes to the subject of his forthcoming all-night broadcasting marathon on Radio 2, which will last for 12 continuous hours.
Some people might mistake your lack of chattiness as being unfriendly rather than under pressure.
The whole family is amazed by his chattiness and it's been wonderful to witness such a change - we're so grateful to Rosie for bringing Matthew out of his shell.
Further, as the teenager who has clearly inherited her mother's chattiness explains, "I can't wear sleeveless tops
He said how much he enjoyed the Blitz spirit and chattiness in the queues.
Last month, in conjunction with a report detailing the differences in chattiness and bandwidth intensiveness of popular video applications, Mu demonstrated how its testing solution is uniquely capable of immediately and accurately recreating applications to determine how they impact networks.