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A LAZY Tory Cabinet minister took a chauffeur-driven limo just 110 yards to Downing Street from his office - and back.
Information obtained by the Birmingham Mail shows that six senior officers are being chauffeur-driven in luxury cars.
London, Feb 15 (ANI): A Wales Audit Office chief operating officer ordered a 464 pounds chauffeur-driven Mercedes to attend a meeting with top auditors from around Britain to check on how taxpayer's money is spent.
A chauffeur-driven motor tricycle has hit the road, offering everyone a chance to see the Vale of Glamorgan from a different perspective.
Yesterday, Liz Cameron's chauffeur-driven limo spent an hour outside St Andrew's Cathedral in a disabled parking space.
This muddled thinking shows how unsuitable this pampered, chauffeur-driven man is to be Transport Minister and he may well regret these stupid comments at the next election.
Ministers are spending more than pounds 5 million-a-year on official, chauffeur-driven cars, according to figures released last night.
The winning family will be able to sit back and relax in style as the top prize also includes a chauffeur-driven limo to and from the cinema and a meal for four at a top local restaurant of your choice.
Presumably the successful individual will have the usual package of perks and a company car or will they be swanning about in a chauffeur-driven car, plus an inflation proof pension?
Her plush pad included a dressing room, a four-poster bed (careful, Kermit), and a chauffeur-driven car to drop her off at the red carpet and pick her up again.
DAVID Cameron was branded a hypocrite last night for having a pounds 72,000-a-year chauffeur-driven limo.