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 (shō′fər, shō-fûr′)
One employed to drive a private automobile.
v. chauf·feured, chauf·feur·ing, chauf·feurs
1. To serve as a driver for (another).
2. To transport in (a motor vehicle); drive: chauffeured the guests around town.
To serve as a driver for another.

[French, stoker, from chauffer, to heat, stoke, from Old French chaufer; see chafe.]
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driven by a chauffeur
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Driver logs released under a Freedom of Information Act request show Rhondda AM Leighton Andrews being chauffeured regularly from his home in Llandaff to Cardiff Bay - a journey of four miles.
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But as councillor Lines was being chauffeured around, his council colleague Mike Ward (Lib Dem, Sheldon), spent just pounds 8 to get to and from London on a bargain basement bus.
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