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1. Militant devotion to and glorification of one's country; fanatical patriotism.
2. Prejudiced belief in the superiority of one's own gender, group, or kind: "the chauvinism ... of making extraterrestrial life in our own image" (Henry S.F. Cooper, Jr.).

[French chauvinisme, after Nicolas Chauvin, a legendary French soldier famous for his devotion to Napoleon.]

chau′vin·ist n.
chau′vin·is′tic adj.
chau′vin·is′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.chauvinistic - of or relating to persons convinced of the superiority of their own gender or kind
2.chauvinistic - fanatically patrioticchauvinistic - fanatically patriotic    
patriotic, loyal - inspired by love for your country
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[ˌʃəʊvɪˈnɪstɪk] adj
(= jingoistic) → chauvin(e)
(= sexist) → machistechauvinist pig nmacho m
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[ˌʃəʊvɪˈnɪstɪk] adj (jingoistic) → sciovinistico/a; (sexist) → maschilista
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(ˈʃəuvinizəm) noun
unthinking enthusiasm for a particular country, cause etc.
ˈchauvinist noun
ˌchauviˈnistic adjective
male chauvinist
a man who believes that women are inferior to men.
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The Scottish presenter was stunned when Borat unleashed his chauvinistic views.
The ex-Tory Cabinet minister is driven to tears as she is bossed around by the notoriously chauvinistic racing tipster.
Described by colleagues as 'formidable', she hoped the award would help to further break down chauvinistic attitudes in a still male-dominated profession.
Last night an officer with 12 Mechanised Brigade explained: "We wrote it for them observing the Iraqi chauvinistic attitude towards women...
I'm not sure Love and Money (Channel 4) actually offers any new insights, but its two stories of men controlling the domestic purse strings amply reinforced the fact that, as a breed, we chaps can be right chauvinistic illegitimate offspring.
This man is stupid as well as very chauvinistic. He wants a doormat, not a real flesh and blood woman.
The British view is that President Jacques Chirac's people are stubborn, chauvinistic and lack humour.
Phil is a caricature of a male chauvinistic pig with grotesque table manners to boot.
"It is not chauvinistic to say the presence of women has often been a calming influence in terms of young men starting to lay about each other." Home Office figures will reveal this week that fights fuelled by drink are behind double-digit rises in violent crime while overall crime is falling.
Catbuster Part Of The Problem This is such unreconstructed chauvinistic, testosterone fuelled rock'n'roll that it's almost impossible to believe these boys are taking themselves seriously.
There is a subplot about a chauvinistic Liverpudlian musician and his careworn moll, but you don't want to know about that.
In his closing speech to the Old Bailey yesterday, Edward Jenkins, defending, admitted Garside had an "unattractive and chauvinistic" personality but added: "You don't decide the case like eviction night on Big Brother."