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 (chä-yō′tā, -tĕ)
1. A tropical American perennial vine (Sechium edule) having tuberous roots and cultivated for its green, pear-shaped fruit.
2. The fruit of this plant, eaten as a vegetable. In both senses also called christophine; also called regionally mirliton.

[Spanish, from Nahuatl chayohtli.]
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(tʃɑːˈjəʊteɪ; tʃaɪˈəʊtɪ)
1. (Plants) a tropical American cucurbitaceous climbing plant, Sechium edule, that has edible pear-shaped fruit enclosing a single enormous seed
2. (Cookery) the fruit of this plant, which is cooked and eaten as a vegetable
[from Spanish, from Nahuatl chayotli]
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But when cassavas are expensive, she added, she would just buy vegetables, including cabbages, cauliflowers, chayotes, green beans, legumes and carrots.
The cultural fair also featured products from the Tesoros' organic farm in Tiaong, Quezon, such as radish, tomatoes, cassava, plantains, papaya and chayotes. There were eggs from Victoria, Laguna, and oyster mushrooms from Dolores, Quezon, and organic honey from Palawan.
The best sellers in this XIV Buyers Mission were pineapples, fresh and frozen, mangos, fresh and frozen, tubers, palms, chayotes, plants, flowers and foliage, snacks, sauces, tuna, arepas, jellies, dressings, articles of clothing, and construction.
Yields 4 to 6 servings Jessica Harris' Salade de Christophine (Shaved Chayote Salad) 2 small chayotes Maryse's Vinaigrette 1 head Boston lettuce or other lettuce Peel the chayote and grate it into a non-reactive bowl on the large holes of a grater.