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or haz·zan also chaz·zan  (KHä′zən)
A cantor in a synagogue.

[Mishnaic Hebrew and Jewish Aramaic ḥazzān, from Akkadian ḫazannu, administrator, mayor; see x̣zy in Semitic roots.]


(xaˈzan; English ˈhɑːzən) ,




n, pl chazanim (xazaˈnim; English hɑːˈzɔːniːm) or English chazans
(Judaism) a person who leads synagogue services, esp as a profession; cantor


(ˈxɑ zən, xɑˈzɑn)

n., pl. cha•zan•im (xɑˈzɔ nɪm, ˌxɑ zɑˈnim) Eng. cha•zans.
Hebrew. hazan.
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