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or haz·zan also chaz·zan  (KHä′zən)
A cantor in a synagogue.

[Mishnaic Hebrew and Jewish Aramaic ḥazzān, from Akkadian ḫazannu, administrator, mayor; see x̣zy in Semitic roots.]


(xaˈzan; English ˈhɑːzən) ,




n, pl chazanim (xazaˈnim; English hɑːˈzɔːniːm) or English chazans
(Judaism) a person who leads synagogue services, esp as a profession; cantor


(ˈxɑ zən, xɑˈzɑn)

n., pl. cha•zan•im (xɑˈzɔ nɪm, ˌxɑ zɑˈnim) Eng. cha•zans.
Hebrew. hazan.
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He was a mixture of a Jewish professor and a chazzan (cantor).
In Kikl, their father served as the chazzan, or cantor, and as the shochet, the ritual slaughterer.
a sadness so unbearably compressed that I wonder the chazzan [cantor] does not explode.
11) It is also interesting to note that Mendelssohn used the traditional melody for Yigdal composed by Leon Singer ('Leoni'), chazzan at the Great Synagogue in London, in one of his twelve string symphonies written at the age of twelve or thirteen.
Led by a rabbinic intern, a chazzan, and a few others, and with no electronic amplificationthe group relied, instead, on the old protest trick of forming concentric circles and having the outer layers repeat what the inner layers have saidthe group davened the Kol Nidrei service.
The cantor, or chazzan, is a singer who leads the congregation in sung prayer at a synagogue, and for the last two years the Jewish Musical Institute at the University of London has organised a Young Cantor of the Year competition.
Lipkind explains that the chazzan is chanting a verse from the holiday Musafservice.
Chazzanut means cantorial music or synagogue music of the chazzan, who leads Jewish liturgical prayer.
In one workshop the famous chazzan, Gershon Sirota, led the prayers.
We would scrimp and save, taking on extra work to make the trips possible, such as my educator husband's two-week gig as an amateur chazzan at a synagogue over the high holidays, an annual event for which he leaves all of us in Israel while he travels to Toronto to boost his salary.
When he was head of the Vienna Opera, he met a singer, Max Davidsohn, a former chazzan and he asked Davidsohn to sing a Hebrew prayer.