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But if you are a businessman whose tax contributions are being queried by HMRC, you can contact them on a cheap-rate line.
The closure was announced in August after the company - a subsidiary of Rio Tinto Group and Kaiser Aluminium - failed to secure a cheap-rate electricity deal for its smelting operations.
Most short-change customers by paying off any cheap-rate credit first, leaving till last the most expensive debt.
The Treasury already loses an estimated pounds 1bil-lion a year to the "booze cruisers" who bring back cheap-rate alcohol and cigarettes from France.
A CHEAP-rate ticket to tempt people to take the train during summer evenings was unveiled yesterday.
Whether it was a cheap-rate flight will only be revealed when the expense slip arrives on the finance director's desk, but it was probably worth the money for the ticket-holder to arrive at Haydock as fresh as a daisy - unlike some.
PARIS France's largest exhibitor, UGC Cine Cite, has backed down for the moment on its controversial cheap-rate pass, which gives moviegoers unlimited entry to cinemas.
Many mortgage lenders are offering what look like cheap-rate deals.
PARIS Controversy is raging in France over the launch by UGC Cine Cite, the country's biggest exhibitor, of a cheap-rate pass giving customers unlimited entry to its cinemas.
A IF you need to keep your payments down to a minimum, the best cheap-rate deal may be appropriate.