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A peddler or dealer of cheap goods.
Inferior in quality or value; tawdry: "cheapjack moviemaking ... that feeds on the low taste of the mob" (Judith Crist).
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Noun1.cheapjack - a peddler of inferior goods
hawker, packman, peddler, pedlar, pitchman - someone who travels about selling his wares (as on the streets or at carnivals)
Adj.1.cheapjack - cheap and shoddy; "cheapjack moviemaking...that feeds on the low taste of the mob"- Judith Crist
inferior - of low or inferior quality
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When it rained they splashed their way to the market, crowding round the cheapjacks' stalls; gazing at the glittering array of tawdry jewellery, watches, penknives, perfumes, soaps, combs; listening to the cheap-jacks' sales talk.
Next I was employed by a jeans shop called - glamorously - Cheapjacks. I could earn about 5p more by working one afternoon after school as well as Saturdays as long as I was over 15, which I wasn't, but they didn't have to know that, did they?