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Noun1.chebab - a Palestinian juvenile 10-15 years old who fights against the Israelis
Canaan, Holy Land, Promised Land, Palestine - an ancient country in southwestern Asia on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea; a place of pilgrimage for Christianity and Islam and Judaism
adolescent, stripling, teen, teenager - a juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity
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Hicham Chebab, a ministries missionary for Salam Christian Worship.
With the breathtaking view of the waterfront and Abu Dhabi skyline, the outdoor National Day event included an aroma of traditional food such as Luqaimat, Chebab and Arabic coffee.
Those looking to relax over an afternoon tea with friends and family will be spoilt for choice with a number of irresistible treats in the form of cheese-rolled dates and cardamom mohalla crepes, mini saffron coin chebab pancakes layered with dates, honey and vanilla ice cream; Emirati style creamy egg sandwiches Mulawahish, and Baidh Tumat tartlets filled with spiced tomato and eggs scramble, and topped with truffle cream cheese.
End your fast with dates and Arabic coffee and choose from a variety of Emirati options such as khameer, chebab, Machoos and saloona.
According to the work of Chebab and Gharbi on the direct impact of regret on behavior through the effects of dissatisfaction show that the link between regret and dissatisfaction is even lower when the individual has an internal locus of control (18).
She thanked Mchail C Chebab from HMC who helped the families with their paper work and continues to provide ongoing support to them during their stay.
Ces conflits ont vu l'implantation de groupes armes tels que Boko Haram, les Chebab, l'Armee du seigneur, Daech.
As for hospitality, all visitors were offered Arabic tea, Chebab (Emirati pancakes) and the local delicacy, luqaimats - dumplings of butter, milk, sugar, flour, saffron and cardamom, deep fried and drizzled with sugar syrup and sesame made by Emirati ladies in tents.
Chebab declined to elaborate on what other options Rai might resort to if all efforts to elect a president failed.
Je me rappelle que lorsque j'avais 11ans, j'ai voyage avec un groupe de 50 personnes pour le compte d'une colonie de vacances organisee par Dar Chebab qui est pres de nous.
The Dhs46 meal consists of a platter of the roll-like khameer, Emirati pancake chebab, rice-like balaleet and wrap-style muhalla.
1 To make the chebab dough, mix the egg, flour, 100g sugar, milk powder, yeast, salt, saffron and 200ml of water.