check back

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w>check back

vi (= look back in records)zurückgehen (in zu), nachsehen (→ in in +dat); (= re-contact)rückfragen (with bei)
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Residents are urged to check back doors are locked before opening their front doors, to put a chain on when checking callers if no spyhole is available and to always ask for ID.
To stay in tune with latest interests of Gen Y, check back to the page for Things That Matter to Gen Y updates.
After this police officials took the check back and after three months heirs of Constable Muhammad Waqas have still not received this amount nor check has been returned.
More information will follow when it is available - check back in the Corinthian pages for details.
Anyone seeking irrefutable proof this discovery might want to check back with me in 2145.
Please keep abreast of these developments, and make sure you check back on her page often.
The only way you can know for sure is to check back.
The couple got together in Sydney, Australia, for the New Year - though Urban, 39, is due to check back into the Betty Ford Clinic on his return to the US.
We'll be changing the question periodically, so always check back to see what we're asking next.
Don't forget to check back with this spot regularly throughout the week, as I will be focusing on several XTC components in search of bullish and bearish picks from this sector.
They come in and want 75,000 square feet and we say, 'we don't have it today, check back with us.
It was intriguing to check back on the title game in 1952.