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Noun1.check girl - a female checker
checker - an attendant who checks coats or baggage
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Elba is reportedly enjoying the attention he receives and loves flirting with everyone in the room, from the gay waiter to the coat check girl.
She was a hat check girl in a Leeds jazz club before her career took off.
"But I knew her from the time she was a hat check girl at the Cavern.
Together, Piper and Wally's prosperous art of getting Clients on the "LIST" quickly unfolds when Wally, the brains behind the operation, falls in love for the coat check girl at the Spark Lounge and begins to unveil the groups most regarded secrets.
Get a reality check girl. The whole nation saw your performance and the shame you brought on Wales.
Concentrating on stage work helped her reconnect with the impulses that compelled her to study acting at the William Esper Studio before she was discovered working as a hat check girl at a restaurant.
From the North York suburbs of Burnhamthorpe Collegiate, O'Hara landed a job as the hat check girl for Toronto's Second City Revue in 1974.
The entertainer - who grew up on Scotty Road - used to be a coat check girl there in the 1960s so she could see bands like The Beatles.
He's sleeping with a 25-year old coat check girl from Long Island ("or is it Rhode Island?") and lands Don a coveted meeting with Dow Chemical, even managing to get Ken Cosgrove's promise of a nudge in the general direction of his father-in-law (Dow Chemical's Ed Baxter).