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Noun1.check register - a register of checks issued (usually in numeric order)
register, registry - an official written record of names or events or transactions
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For example, the "Participant Name" column from the report "Annual Loan Balance" and the "Payee" column from the report "Check Register will all be converted to "Name" with the data type of 'Text."
She was trying to match checks from a check register with a list of cleared transactions from her bank.
For example, a budget table and an actual table, or a check register and the bank activity download, or an ecommerce extract and an accounting system export.
It does the same thing that a check register does -- it collects key information about transactions and records them in a journal (or ledger) as a running list.
* Check register marks and proper alignment of images within template
While details of the settlement could not be determined, the city's online vendor check register reflects a $40,000 payment made March 4 to Ms.
LCRA posts its Business Plan and check register on for public review.
The helpful appendices cover the BAG Allowance Agreement, the Chores Contract, Checks, and the Check Register. Although the BAG system may seem a bit complex at the beginning, it is actually a good mirror of nearly all the usual financial transactions that all kids will need to learn to negotiate as they mature.
Forget keeping a check register and balancing a checkbook they don't write checks.
Your check register can be used to ensure that the cash outlays for the month, less the one-time payments, equals the amount shown in your cash flow statement.