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Any of various nymphalid butterflies of the tribe Melitaeini of the Americas and Eurasia, having a spotted or checkered pattern on the wings.
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Instead, the team focused on monitoring and maintaining existing populations, locating wetlands that could support new colonies, and encouraging landowners to volunteer, to help collect butterfly data, and to plant flowering plants that provide nectar for checkerspots and other species.
In addition to their antennae, checkerspots also use the sensitive hairs on their "brush feet" to smell, taste, and touch.
Since the program's inception, the JBLM ACUB has acquired 1,025 acres (415 ha) of new conservation land, conducted ongoing restoration of these lands and 3,222 acres (1,303 ha) that were already in conservation status, and reintroduced Taylor's checkerspots and Mazama pocket gophers onto several ACUB properties.
Among them are four that are candidates for listing under the Endangered Species Act (ESA): two rare butterflies--Taylor's checkerspot (Euphydryas editha taylori) and the Mardon skipper (Polites mardon)--the streaked horned lark (Eremophila alpestris strigata), and the Mazama pocket gopher (Thomomys mazama).
Biologists say the 5,443 larvae released this spring approaches the total number of adult checkerspots observed in the wild across the species' entire range.
The adult checkerspots fed on the nectar of spring-gold and the native larkspur, companions to the camas, while the larvae moved between plantain species.
Isolated subpopulations of checkerspots had been scattered through the region in Garry oak meadows.
They're not used to seeing mud-smeared pastors who aren't afraid to grope around in bog muck for turtles or who keep track of chorus frogs and Baltimore checkerspots and Indian paintbrush.
In its very first season, his 300-square-foot garden was a big hit with painted ladies, buckeyes, checkerspots, and skippers.
Likewise, planting turtlehead, a perennial wildflower with blossoms that resemble snapdragons, increases your odds of hosting Baltimore checkerspots, eastern butterflies seldom found far from their favorite larval food plant.
Most of the Taylor's checkerspots that remain are found in two populations west of Corvallis.
CORVALLIS - It's fitting that a rare butterfly is proliferating in the hills west of here - the newfound population of up to 500 thrills conservationists and gives them hope that the colorful Taylor's checkerspot will fight back from near extinction.