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Noun1.checkout line - a queue of people waiting to pay for purchasescheckout line - a queue of people waiting to pay for purchases
queue, waiting line - a line of people or vehicles waiting for something
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Alternative checkout methods will continue to grow: With a smartphone in every pocket and the expansion of possibilities with barcodes and imaging technologies for scanning products, faster alternative checkout methods will continue to find ground across the retail sector, customers want to avoid the wait in the checkout line.
Sporting Index set his highest checkout line against Lewis at 119-122 and that looks worth a buy.
The company announced in late October that, for the first time, it intended to deploy an army of "holiday helpers" to better serve customers in the checkout line.
When they are done shopping and ready to check out, they can pay directly on their phone from anywhere in the club and bypass the checkout line.
The new solution is designed to provide Giant Eagle with flexible, consumption-based pricing; faster procurement and provisioning of applications; and integrated system management for greater visibility into data concerning everything from the supply chain to checkout line.
the cashier asked politely in the checkout line at the local grocery store.
The system allows hurried customers to pay for their purchases on their smartphones rather than braving the checkout line.
For balance, stand on one foot when you're waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store or bank, or use a chair or wall to steady yourself.
It provides a real-time look at the number of customers or carts waiting in each checkout line and tracks customer waiting times to eliminate guesswork and help you understand and identify any existing bottlenecks, allowing you to see exactly where customers would like to see improvement.
According to MIT psychologist Sherry Turkle, today people reach for a phone whenever they are alone, at a stop sign at the checkout line in a supermarket, CBS News reported.
You could capture it manually, but it was not accurate, and it created congestion at the checkout line.
LIMA -- Even ambassadors, it turns out, are turf-conscious when it comes to waiting in the supermarket checkout line.