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Noun1.checkout line - a queue of people waiting to pay for purchasescheckout line - a queue of people waiting to pay for purchases
queue, waiting line - a line of people or vehicles waiting for something
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The patrons were able to scan the items they wished to purchase on their cellphones and pay using an attached credit card without ever having to go through a checkout line.
The grocery checkout line will disappear within 10 years A slew of technological advancements is converging to replace the traditional checkout line, including carts with built-in barcode scanners and credit-card swipers; mobile-payment apps; weight sensors and cameras; and merchandise-scanning robots.
We're a mother's bread, instant potatoes, milk at a checkout line. We're her three children pleading for bubble gum and their father.
The Amazon Go concept is audacious in the array of technology deployed to make it possible for a customer to walk into a store, select any number of items from a shelf, and walk out without having to stop at a checkout line to pay.
WHEN you're at the checkout line this holiday season, you could juggle your bags and dig into your purse or billfold for your credit or debit card.
Other in-store improvements include Mobile Express Scan & Go, where customers can scan items with their mobile devices while shopping in store, pay instantly and skip the checkout line, and Walmart Pickup Towers, which allows customers to pick up their online orders in less than a minute by scanning a bar code sent to their smartphone.
Alternative checkout methods will continue to grow: With a smartphone in every pocket and the expansion of possibilities with barcodes and imaging technologies for scanning products, faster alternative checkout methods will continue to find ground across the retail sector, customers want to avoid the wait in the checkout line. This is in addition to the push by banks and technology giants to make mobile payment popular.
If you are standing in the checkout line, talking on a cell phone is rude to everyone around you- from the other customers in line to the cashier.
Sporting Index set his highest checkout line against Lewis at 119-122 and that looks worth a buy.
When they are done shopping and ready to check out, they can pay directly on their phone from anywhere in the club and bypass the checkout line. This service will be rolled out to other clubs in the Triangle later this year.
Hang it near the entrance, a service counter or the checkout line, so customers can read while they wait.