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The other animals in the house called him "Chee-Chee"-- which is a common word in monkey-language, meaning "ginger."
So it was agreed that the monkey, Chee-Chee, was to do the cooking and mending; the dog was to sweep the floors; the duck was to dust and make the beds; the owl, Too-Too, was to keep the accounts, and the pig was to do the gardening.
Of course at first they all found their new jobs very hard to do--all except Chee-Chee, who had hands, and could do things like a man.
Cheeta, who was also known as Jiggs or Cheetah, appeared in 50 movies in all before his final appearance, as Chee-Chee in 1967's Doctor Dolittle.
Seed's leading characters, ambitious social-worker Anne and Duane Reade cashier Latonya, are both black residents of Harlem, but the sole thing they seem to have in common is an interest in Latonya's prodigiously smart son Chee-Chee. To state it lightly, the women don't see eye to eye on what's best for the kid.
Vaughn, Erin Webley Gub-Gub Matthew Crowle Chee-Chee
Therefore, this lavish musical, which is a complete family treat, is my introduction to Lofting's Victorian world of talking horses, archly clever parrots called Polynesia (with Julie Andrews' voice sounding faintly croaky these days), chimps called Chee-Chee and the drollest porker in theatrical history.
The stageplay follows Dolittle, orphan Tommy Stubbins, Matthew Mugg and token female Emma Fairfax on a series of adventures in search of the Giant Pink Sea Snail, accompanied by Polynesia, the classically educated parrot with Julie Andrews' voice who has taught the Doctor how to speak to the animals, Gub-Gub the greedy pig and Chee-Chee the chimp.