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a. A shout of approval, encouragement, or congratulation: a remark that drew cheers from the crowd.
b. A short, rehearsed jingle or phrase, shouted in unison by a squad of cheerleaders.
2. Comfort or encouragement: a message of cheer.
3. Lightness of spirits or mood; gaiety or joy: a happy tune, full of cheer.
4. Festive food and drink; refreshment: did not refrain from sampling their holiday cheer.
v. cheered, cheer·ing, cheers
a. To shout cheers. See Synonyms at applaud.
b. To express praise or approval: Bloggers cheered when the favorable decision was announced.
2. To become cheerful: had lunch and soon cheered up.
a. To encourage with cheers: The fans cheered the runners on. See Synonyms at encourage.
b. To salute or acclaim with cheers; applaud.
c. To express praise or approval for; acclaim: cheered the results of the election.
2. To make happier or more cheerful: a warm fire that cheered us.

[Middle English chere, expression, mood, from Old French chiere, face, from Late Latin cara, from Greek kara, head; see ker- in Indo-European roots.]

cheer′er n.
cheer′ing·ly adv.
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Noun1.cheerer - a spectator who shouts encouragement
looker, spectator, viewer, watcher, witness - a close observer; someone who looks at something (such as an exhibition of some kind); "the spectators applauded the performance"; "television viewers"; "sky watchers discovered a new star"
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Fanny would certainly believe him so at least, and must find that her estimation of him was higher than ever when he appeared as the attendant, supporter, cheerer of a suffering brother.
1 LAZIER CHEWS (British/American actress) 2 RASH LIP CARER (English comedian) 3 SLAVE CHEERER (Labour MP) INITIALLY YOURS Which film, TV programme or musical number do these initials stand for?
Diaz is still around as the top cheerer for Filipino athletes and stressed she won't miss the men's basketball game to rally behind Jordan Clarkson and company.
PI (Female, 12 year-old, BB level) reported, "My mom--I can really hear--'cause she's so loud, like howling (laughing)." P12 (Male, 12 year-old, A level) noted, "My dad's kind of a loud cheerer and smacks the boards a lot." P9 (Male, 12 year-old, A level) said, "Well, they cheer really loudly cause my mom bought a cow bell for when I score or when someone on my team scores."
The fan award goes Best Cheerer. All racers receive a free full day lift ticket for the day of the race, a race t-shirt, a BBQ lunch and 2 timed runs down a modified slalom race course.
Grant McCracken ( is the author of Culturematic: HOW Reality TV, John Cheerer, a Pie Lab, Julia Child, Fantasy Football ...
In the final, the little armchair Italian fan had become Spain's greatest cheerer by the end.
Cheerer, a novelist herself, starts Alcott's life story (1832-1888) at a critical moment: Alcott is resisting her publisher's push to write a "girls' book." She has already published Hospital Sketches, a jaunty but sobering picture of her work as a nurse in a Civil War hospital.
He's the cheerer. He crows through all; crows at the darkest; 'Glory to God in the highest!' continually he crows it" (63).
"Basically Decent: A Biography of John Cheerer." The New Yorker 9 March 2009: 75.
During a blackout at a New York airport, for example, a clerk at a rental-car agency says Cheerer, Dunn, and Poole can have a car he was saving for his boss, and at a Colorado campsite three sex workers offer to provide discount services.