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adj. cheer·i·er, cheer·i·est
Showing or suggesting good spirits; cheerful: a cheery hello.

cheer′i·ly adv.
cheer′i·ness n.
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ابْتِهاج، فَرَح
víg alaptermészet
neşeli olma


[ˈtʃɪərɪnɪs] nallegria
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(tʃiə) noun
1. a shout of approval, encouragement or welcome. Three cheers for the Queen!
2. mood. Be of good cheer.
to give a shout of approval etc (to). The crowd cheered the new champion.
ˈcheerful adjective
full of, or causing, happiness. a cheerful smile; cheerful news.
ˈcheerfully adverb
ˈcheerfulness noun
ˈcheerless adjective
gloomy. a cheerless room.
cheers! interjection
1. used as a toast when drinking.
2. cheerio!.
3. thanks!.
ˈcheery adjective
lively and happy.
ˈcheerily adverb
ˈcheeriness noun
cheer up
to make or become (more cheerful). He cheered up when he saw her; The flowers will cheer her up.
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References in classic literature ?
"The sidewalk is hardly wide enough for three, so I will walk behind; but keep the talk going, keep the talk going, there's no time to lose, and you may be sure I will do my share." He ranged himself behind us, and straightway that stately snow-white young fellow closed up to the sidewalk alongside him, fetched him a cordial slap on the shoulder with his broad palm, and sung out with a hearty cheeriness:
And such a luxury to him was this petting of his sorrows, that he could not bear to have any worldly cheeriness or any grating delight intrude upon it; it was too sacred for such contact; and so, presently, when his cousin Mary danced in, all alive with the joy of seeing home again after an age-long visit of one week to the country, he got up and moved in clouds and darkness out at one door as she brought song and sunshine in at the other.
If food was scanty, we regaled ourselves with the hope of soon falling in with herds of buffalo, and having nothing to do but slay and eat." We doubt whether the genial captain is not describing the cheeriness of his own breast, which gave a cheery aspect to everything around him.
Then, One day, like one of the prisms that you love so well, little girl, you danced into my life, and flecked my dreary old world with dashes of the purple and gold and scarlet of your own bright cheeriness. I found out, after a time, who you were, and--and I thought then I never wanted to see you again.
The fires seemed to burn with unusual cheeriness, and every time the girls met, their pale faces broke into smiles as they hugged one another, whispering encouragingly, "Mother's coming, dear!
It betokened the cheeriness of an active temperament, finding joy in its activity, and, therefore, rendering it beautiful; it was a New England trait,--the stern old stuff of Puritanism with a gold thread in the web.
Harris;" and Harris gets up, and makes for the piano, with the beaming cheeriness of a generous-minded man who is just about to give somebody something.
She walked up and down by his side, prattling merrily, and sending little gleams of cheeriness through the gloom which girt him in.
But the good-natured self-forgetful cheeriness and common-sense of Priscilla would soon have dissipated the one suspicion; and the modest calm of Nancy's speech and manners told clearly of a mind free from all disavowed devices.
His round, ruddy face was naturally full of cheeriness, but the corners of his mouth seemed to me to be pulled down in a half-comical distress.
Whether it was the heartiness of the other's handshake or the unusual cheeriness of his voice, he could not say; but something gave him the impression that a curious change had come over the Braces King.
"The tide's right, and we'll have you docked in two hours," the pilot vouchsafed, with an effort at cheeriness. "Ring's End Basin, is it?"