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Noun1.Cheese press - a press for shaping cheese curdcheese press - a press for shaping cheese curd  
mechanical press, press - any machine that exerts pressure to form or shape or cut materials or extract liquids or compress solids
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A range of artefacts brings the display to life including a milk cooler, churns, cheese vat, curd mill and cheese press.
The Ultimate Cheese Press from Homesteader's Supply is a high-end hardwood cheese press for home cheesemakers, designed and manufactured right here in the United States.
Shibden Hall packed up an old cheese press which has been on display for more than 20 years while on loan from the National Science Museum.
Would milling, then cooking, then a cheese press method work?
"The House Party kits came complete with a grilled cheese press, cheese, bread and butter," Smiley explains, noting that friends submitted photos of their parties to the Facebook page.
In the past, they've uncovered a lost nunnery in Northamptonshire and an early Roman cheese press in Stilton, and have had access to spectacular royal buildings such as Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace.
He adds: "A list of the contents at that time included pewter plates, cheese press, a violin, two barrels of ale and a mousetrap!
Weird and wonderful lots include Lot 724 "A small collection of glass eyes and a black eye patch, pounds 100-150", Lot 1716 "The Dairymaid, a full-sized mannequin in white apron, pounds 60-80" and Lot 1710 "A Liliput cheese press by Carson & Toone, Warminster, pounds 100-150".
He invented countless devices (many of which he patented), including a portable horse power, clock, floating dry dock, self-adjusting cheese press, churn, corn sheller and revolving rifle he sold to Col.
With the year drawing to a close, MacKinnon and a friend followed instructions taken from the internet and made a cheese press cobbled together with "tin cans, old milk crates and bicycle tubes." Because it was their first such attempt, each wax-coated round was stamped with a skull and crossbones.