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Noun1.cheese tray - tray on which cheeses are servedcheese tray - tray on which cheeses are served  
tray - an open receptacle for holding or displaying or serving articles or food
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Egg specialties soon lead to an array of tempting desserts and an obligatory cheese tray. Once a staple of corporate cousin Celebrity Cruises, cream-filled pastry swans are great edible versions.
A tall vase filled with bright red gladiolas served as the centerpiece on the food table, which featured all of Hatch's favorite foods--Goldfish crackers, marshmallows, shortbread cookies, and fresh fruit--along with a sausage and cheese tray. The cakes--a two-tiered pale blue confection topped with Hatch's own toy plane, along with a cloudy-sky-themed smash cake--were created by Becky Thompson of Greenwood.
Caption: Lifetime Brands: The Pfaltzgraff Slate Cheese Tray serving set includes six cheese markers, four coasters, one board with chrome handles and a piece of white chalk.
Among the more popular recent blog posts is one describing the repurposing of cheese left over from a cheese tray. Called the Everlasting Burger, the recipe calls for topping a beef burger with Bucheron and Serrano ham bacon.
The platter was served on a solid silver cheese tray, worth almost 600 pounds, and a handcrafted wooden cheese board costing 120 pounds.
Items such as Nambe's Lounge chip and dip and its Eclipse cheese tray have captured consumer interest, while constant newness drives the business, he said.
One of the many plates to cross my path was the cheese tray, something with special significance for this part of France.
Serving a cheese tray at a party is a no-brainer; it's an easy way to serve a hungry crowd.
* Fan-tastic Cheese Tray: bite-size hunks of Swiss, Muenster, and assorted cheddar cheeses with pepperoni.
There'll be a cheese tray and vintage port at the hotel, and a complimentary pre-dinner cocktail at the nearby bar, Arch 54.
But when Terry flipped one night at the prospect of another meal of Camembert and chips ( hurling the cheese tray into the fire with a flourish ( I believe that Francoise would have fled the marital home with Napoleon and younger brother Colin in tow.
A gourmet cheese tray is also on order with the band favouring a selection of goats, gouda and brie.