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Miserly; stingy.
1. Something of little or no value.
2. Stinginess; parsimony.
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If you expressed a preference for cheese-parings, Mr.
(Real estate along both sides of Sucat had been purchased for the ramps that would have been constructed.) But someone came up with the cheese-paring idea of saving the skyway franchisee the expense of purchasing real estate on opposite ends and halved the infrastructure cost of two ramps by building both the entry and exit ramps together and positioning the structure smack in the middle of Sucat Road.
Of course, Hall can't claim she wasn't forewarned on the likelihood of her cheese-paring chum having long pockets.
Insisting that he was not intending to carry out "cheese-paring cuts", Mr Duncan Smith added: "I cannot and will not on this programme try to write the next spending review.
A core measure of corporate cash flow as measured in GDP is also down for the quarter, perhaps explaining low investment and also perhaps indicative of the extent to which profitability comes from financial engineering and corporate cheese-paring rather than revenue generation.
Those concerned are unlikely to be motivated to do their best for the client: if the client is cheese-paring, why should it get a Rolls Royce service?
Estelle Grelier, a member of the EP Committee on Budgets (BUDG) and of the Special committee on the policy challenges and budgetary resources for a sustainable European Union after 2013 (SURE), commented: "The French government is putting the cart before the horse: instead of proposing an investment strategy for jobs, growth and innovation, the French right is trying to add up cheese-paring economies, without any political vision, whether at national or European level".
There is, I regret, absolutely no further room for cheese-paring.