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adj. chees·i·er, chees·i·est
1. Containing or resembling cheese.
2. Informal
a. Of poor quality; shoddy: a movie with cheesy special effects.
b. Vulgarly pretentious or sentimental: a cheesy romantic comedy.

[Sense 2b, possibly partly from earlier cheesy, showy, from cheese.]

chees′i·ly adv.
chees′i·ness n.
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In the spirit of the art form's cheesiness, his friend and fellow university student, Evan Wang, 20, confessed to a preference for Christmas songs.
Then, with all the cheesiness it can muster, just as we see the bomber prepare to blow himself up, instead the sky erupts with fireworks.
What Caesars should embrace is its innate cheesiness, that ooey-gooey factor that makes ballpark nachos so desirable at concession stands.
Even its cheesiness is pleasing, like the bit where Sara thinks back to Michi the park ranger's advice, having just seen people turn into demons, a photo come to life, maggots crawl around in her hand and wriggle under her skin, etc.
And cheesiness and chauvinism aside, will you be entertained for two-and-half hours?
Our library team of students also added a 'cheese-metre' to warn our prospective dates of the cheesiness of the romance.
OUT OUALBUM Teaming with producer David Fridmann for their third album has merely magnified the essential Johnny Come Lately cheesiness of The Vaccines.
The risk is whether its cheesiness -- and the bad publicity when things go south -- take a toll on a network's reputation.
Her house is my second home and she's my constant source of entertainment, laugh trips, cheesiness, and loveliness.
If "AE-k Sana Benzer" wholeheartedly embraced its cheesiness and kitsch, instead of taking itself so seriously, it could have been a wonderful melodrama on par with YeE-ilcam, yet its unreachable ambitions get in the way.
So no amount of cheesiness in the programme's epic soundtrack (from Coldplay to Snow Patrol, it had it all) or at times nerdy scientific detail could take anything away from the warmth and wonder that came from watching this momentous breakthrough.