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, dysidrosis, dyshydrotic eczema
n. dishidrosis.
1. trastorno transpiratorio;
2. erupción recurrente de vesículas y picazón tal como en el pie de atleta.
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Later, in 1876, similar features were described by Hutchison who introduced the terms cheiropompholyx and podopompholyx.2,3 Today the disease is considered a special type of eczema with a pronounced spongiosis and accumulation of edema fluid in the regions with thick epidermis.4-6
Eczema of the hands (cheiropompholyx) usually down to a gene that's triggered by stress and lack of sleep.
"Dyshidrotic eczema is also called pompholyx, a term that derives from cheiropompholyx meaning 'hand and bubble' in Greek.