chelate compound

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Noun1.chelate compound - a heterocyclic compound having a metal ion attached by coordinate bonds to at least two nonmetal ions
heterocycle, heterocyclic, heterocyclic compound - a compound containing a heterocyclic ring
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Summary: Capillary zone electrophoretic procedure has been developed for the speciation of Cr (III) and Cr (VI) along with separation from Au (III) and As (V) as chelate compounds of 2- acetylpyridine-4-phenylthiosemicarbazone (APPT).
APPT is reported to react with various cations to form stable colored chelate compounds suitable for spectrophotometric detection [30-34].
the new lychee-flavored beverage contains chelate compounds such as L-cystine, malic acid, methylsulfonylmethane and phytic acid, discharging poisonous metals from the body.