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Adj.1.cheliferous - having chelae
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Intestinal mucosal injury was classified using the Chiu's method (20): 0, normal intestinal mucosal villus; 1, cystic gaps appearing under the epithelium at the villus apex, with capillary hyperemia; 2, expanded cystic gaps under the epithelium, moderate edema in the lamina propria, and dilation of the central cheliferous vessels; 3, significant edema in the lamina propria, degeneration and necrosis of the intestinal mucosal epithelial cells, and abscission of a few villus apex; 4, degeneration, necrosis, and exfoliation of the epithelial cells, abscission of some villus, exposure of the lamina propria, capillary dilation, and hyperemia; and 5, abscission of the villus, disintegration of the lamina propria, and bleeding or ulceration.
Meanwhile, sepsis (model group) resulted in histological changes; rats had swollen intestinal mucosal villus, dilated central cheliferous vessels, and inflammatory cell infiltration at 12 h after modeling; at 24 h, model animals showed aggravated damage, with significantly swollen intestinal mucosal villus, overt necrosis and abscission of the epithelial cells, and severe edema of the lamina propria, as well as large amounts of infiltrated inflammatory cells.