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Noun1.Chelonia - green turtlesChelonia - green turtles        
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
Chelonia mydas, green turtle - large tropical turtle with greenish flesh used for turtle soup
2.Chelonia - tortoises and turtlesChelonia - tortoises and turtles    
animal order - the order of animals
Anapsida, subclass Anapsida - oldest known reptiles; turtles and extinct Permian forms
chelonian, chelonian reptile - a reptile of the order Chelonia
Chelydridae, family Chelydridae - snapping turtles
family Kinosternidae, Kinosternidae - mud turtles; musk turtles
Emydidae, family Emydidae - box and water turtles
family Trionychidae, Trionychidae - soft-shelled turtles
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Red-footed tortoises are chelonians with terrestrial habits, belonging to the Testudinidae family, being found in tropical areas of South America (LEVINE & SCHAFER, 1992).
Gram positive and Gram negative organisms have been isolated from healthy eyes of chelonians (Di Ianni et al.
In European chelonians, this bacteria was found to be a part of the oral and cloacal flora in free-living pond turtles (European-(E.
The report further discloses that the most traded species of chelonians that are also found in Pakistan are Indian Star Tortoise and black spotted turtle.
These are no chelonians chucked into the ocean to see how they will fare.
Problem-solving approach to common diseases of terrestrial and semi-aquatic chelonians.
The fossil vertebrate association recovered from these stratigraphic levels is composed of dinosaurs, mainly represented by fragmentary hadrosaurid bones, remains of sauropod titanosaurs, indeterminate theropods and possible birds, chelonians, and the eusuchian crocodile Allodaposuchus subjuniperus (Cruzado-Caballero et al.
Studies on gonad cycles of freshwater chelonians have been based on histological investigations (Moll 1979; Licht 1984) and on the seasonal changes of steroid levels (Licht 1982; Licht et al.
Conceived in the '80s as a good-natured spoof of superhero mythologies by comicbook artists Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman, those crime-fighting chelonians known as Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael have proven surprisingly resilient over the years: As the box office success of Warners' 2007 animated feature "TMNT" demonstrated (before Viacom acquired the property in 2009), even a middling, downbeat Turtles vehicle could appeal to a new generation of young fans while maintaining a surprisingly strong hold on nostalgic adults.
There are 28 species of chelonians present in Georgia, many of which have not been recorded in counties where they are predicted to occur.
There are few modern day Chelonians in Idaho but they were plentiful in the Pliocene and Miocene, including giant forms.