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Noun1.chem lab - a laboratory for research in chemistrychem lab - a laboratory for research in chemistry
lab, laboratory, research lab, research laboratory, science lab, science laboratory - a workplace for the conduct of scientific research
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Healthy eating need not be as precise as a Chem lab experiment.
I only saw the pictures, so I'm not sure exactly what was accomplished by having players re-enact chem lab at an event previewing the football season.
Formato spins a more traditional setting of witch and apprentice in "What Hands Cannot Hold." Firmly in the present day, "A Very Baba Yaga Halloween" by Joy Preble sees the famous witch cruising neighborhoods for candy, while Mari Mancusi's "Some Like it Hot" depicts the trials of dragon dating, when raging hormones can result in blowing up the chem lab. Sarah Lyn Eaton's sumptuous "The Fragrant Feast" uses wits and ritual to trick a spirit into doing the right thing.
Looking like something pilfered from a college chem lab, the Japanese slow-drip contraptions just inside Temple Coffee Roasters are a clue that this roaster is one serious java joint.
From dissecting earthworms in middle school to synthesizing molecules in a college chem lab -- from early arithmetic to advanced British lit -- it's a long road to the diploma.
In an Opinion Paper published in Clin Chem lab Med, Eleftherios P.Diamandis has stated that Nobelitis is a common disease among Nobel Laureates and at present the best way of avoiding it is prevention since current therapies are not effective in curing it.
So does all this mean you should bail on that extra tough chem lab? Of course not.
One phrase I've heard time and again, in chem lab, in emergency medical classes and in dating sorority sisters, is "Dose makes the poison." Don't get me wrong--yon can certainly get sick, really sick, from lead poisoning.
SGS CT&E began in 1964 as Chemical & Geological Laboratories of Alaska (remembered by some as Chem Lab).
"Shock products were primarily developed as a marketing tool for add-on sales and increasing margins," says John Calvanico, marketing director at Chem Lab Products Inc.
Starks and his Little Rock businesses, Chem Lab and/or Gunnison Harris & Black Inc., sold gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), a steroid alternative that is widely abused by athletes.