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1. Chemical.
2. Archaic Alchemic.
n. Obsolete
An alchemist.


vb (tr)
to bleach
a person involved in the study of chemistry


(ˈkɛm ɪk)

Archaic. of or pertaining to alchemy; alchemic.
[1570–80; earlier chimic < Medieval Latin (al)chimicus <alchym(ia) alchemy]
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Adj.1.chemic - relating to or used in chemistry; "chemical engineer"; "chemical balance"
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Thin to emaciation, he seemed a cold flame of a man, a man of a mysterious, chemic sort of flame, who, under a glacier-like exterior, conveyed, somehow, the impression of the ardent heat of a thousand suns.
Cooking was then, for the most part, no longer a poetic, but merely a chemic process.
1) chemic engineering services pte ltd total price: Loading13,700.
I could smell chemicals and I knew wi sma and chemic we had to get out.
Map highlights from West Yorkshire include: Chemic Tavern, Leeds The Flying Duck, Ilkley Fox and Goose, Hebden Bridge Millers Bar, Brighouse Shibden Mill Inn, Halifax For the full list, visit www.
Juventas also presented an update from STOP-HF, a Phase 2 study of 93 patients with symptomatic is chemic cardiomyopathy in a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial to evaluate safety and efficacy of JVS-100.
BYK Chemic GmbH's is one of the world's leading suppliers in the additives and instruments sector.
Bolon is in line with Trust Chemic global strategy to further strengthen its position in North America.
If you are using a chemic al or a dangerous tool always remember to read the safety instructions and take the proper precautions.
Anabolic steroids, manufactured testosterone analogs that have been generated by making change in chemic structure in order to maximize and minimize anabolic effect and androgenic effect [17].
Cases in the study, which used data from Swedish National Healthcare Quality registers from 1991 through 2008, were 4,590 women who died of cardiovascular disease or had a first cardiovascular event - ischemic heart disease, is - chemic stroke, peripheral arterial disease, or atherosclerosis - and who gave birth to at least one child during the study period.