chemical equilibrium

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Noun1.chemical equilibrium - a chemical reaction and its reverse proceed at equal rateschemical equilibrium - a chemical reaction and its reverse proceed at equal rates
acid-base balance, acid-base equilibrium - (physiology) the normal equilibrium between acids and alkalis in the body; "with a normal acid-base balance in the body the blood is slightly alkaline"
chemical reaction, reaction - (chemistry) a process in which one or more substances are changed into others; "there was a chemical reaction of the lime with the ground water"
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These models consisted of a single chemical equilibrium reaction equation with good correlation.
ROLINCAP follows a radically new path by proposing one predictive modelling framework, in the form of the SAFT- equation of state, for both physical and chemical equilibrium, for a wide range of phase behaviours and of molecular structures.
This state in which concentrations no longer change is called chemical equilibrium.
Among his topics are the structure and properties of water, concentrations and activities, some general aspects of the chemical equilibrium, precipitation/dissolution equilibria, calco-carbonic equilibrium, complex formation, and sorption.
This design processes the polyester so that the chemical equilibrium reaction of hydrolysis is influenced toward long chain molecules by extracting moisture in the melt phase, thereby ensuring the necessary viscosity.
However, a better alternative to this would be to use a validated chemical equilibrium model to simulate [[sigma].
However new simulations, developed on LLNL's supercomputers Rzcereal and Aztec, Goldman used much more computationally efficient models and was able to capture hundreds of picoseconds of the impacts-much closer to chemical equilibrium.
Chemical equilibrium is a fundamental concept of chemistry that has profound implications also in biochemistry, biology, geology and physiology.
Physical and chemical equilibrium for chemical engineers, 2d ed.
The highest extent of reaction is obtained when feed streams reach the chemical equilibrium in the temperature of feed.
In this example, employing fractionation resulted in more petrographically reliable assemblages and proportions, therefore it is suggested that, if possible, the use of fractionation should be employed for future work to allow more accurate modelling of chemical equilibrium in natural systems.

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