chemical irritant

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Noun1.chemical irritant - a substance producing irritation
substance - a particular kind or species of matter with uniform properties; "shigella is one of the most toxic substances known to man"
capsaicin - colorless pungent crystalline compound derived from capsicum; source of the hotness of hot peppers of the genus Capsicum such as chili and cayenne and jalapeno
gingerol - derived from ginger; source of the hotness of ginger
piperin, piperine - derived from pepper (especially black pepper); source of the hotness of black and white pepper
isothiocyanate - a family of compounds derived from horseradish and radishes and onions and mustards; source of the hotness of those plants and preparations
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Two ways to accomplish this are through exercise on a surface such as gravel, or by applying a chemical irritant (Tuf-Foot is one such brand).
The chemical irritant in the chillipepper canister severely affects eyes, respiratory system and mucous membrane of the nose and throat.
Tear gas is a chemical irritant that severely affects the eyes, respiratory system and mucous membranes of the nose and throat.
French riot police sprayed groups with a chemical irritant on Saturday.
FRENCH riot police have sprayed migrants with a chemical irritant as they tried to storm the Channel Tunnel.
Police broke up the group using rubber bullets and projectiles with pepper spray chemical irritant, and arrested seven people.
''In sum, the global need to prevent chemical warfare does not require the federal government to reach into the kitchen cupboard, or to treat a local assault with a chemical irritant as the deployment of a chemical weapon,'' Roberts said.
Neurogenic inflammation can be induced by air pollutants [4], and exposure to either an allergen or chemical irritant leads to a sensory nerve impulse.
This is where a chemical irritant is used to stick the outside surface of the lung to the bag the lung sits in so the lung walls can't collapse again.
These pollens trigger an allergic reaction that make the body produce histamine, a chemical irritant that affects the upper respiratory passages, making them swell and produce the debilitating symptoms of hay fever.
He enlisted healthy volunteers to inhale a chemical irritant, hexamethonium.
It's also vital to determine what triggers will set off an attack, be it a chemical irritant, physical exertion, or even the air outside your house.

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