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Noun1.chemical plant - an industrial plant where chemicals are producedchemical plant - an industrial plant where chemicals are produced
factory, manufactory, manufacturing plant, mill - a plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing
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People living near a chemical plant in Fife have said a hoped-for respite from light and noise pollution, as Exxonmobil halted operations for a month, had been broken.
Chemical Safety Board says the ( deaths of four workers at a chemical plant in Texas in 2014 were the result of a long list of safety failures in the plant's operations.
Summary: Beijing [China], Mar 25 (ANI): The death toll in a massive explosion that took place at Chenjiagang Tianjiayi chemical plant in eastern China last week rose to 78, of whom 56 have been identified.
Rescue workers try to put out a fire after an explosion at a chemical plant inside an industrial park in Yibin, Sichuan province, China July 12, 2018.
EDT - The death toll in the explosion that occurred Thursday at Chenjiagang Tianjiayi Chemical Plant in Jiangsu Province, China, has jumped to 47, Chinese state media reported.
NNA - A huge explosion rocked a chemical plant in eastern China on Thursday (Mar 21), injuring at least 12 people and shattering the windows of nearby buildings, officials and state media said.
At least 22 people were killed and 22 others were injured in an explosion followed by a fire near a chemical plant in northern China.
Prime Minister Muhametkaliy Abilgaziyev ordered to finish construction of the chemical plant of the Bishkek combined heat and power plant and all repair works by October 1, Tazabek reports.
An explosion at a chemical plant in China has killed 19 people and injured 12, authorities said on Friday, the latest deadly industrial incident in the world's largest producer of chemicals.
OKLAHOMA CITY LSB Industries on Thursday said ammonia production should resume at its El Dorado, Arkansas, chemical plant by the last week of June.<br />The plant was taken out of service June 4 after a power failure.