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Emission of light as a result of a chemical reaction.

chem′i·lu′mi·nes′cent adj.
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Adj.1.chemiluminescent - relating to the phenomenon of chemiluminescence; "fireflies are chemiluminescent"
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BIO-FLASH is a random access chemiluminescent instrument for the autoimmune laboratory, delivers results in as little as 30 minutes and offers a wide analytical measuring range and precise quantification for greater confidence in results, concluded the company.
Contract award notice: : fully automatic chemiluminescent analyzer including supply of consumables
The poster features the use of InSphero's 3D InSight[TM] Islet Microtissues along with ALPCO's STELLUX[R] Chemiluminescent Human Insulin ELISA.
ACL AcuStar Hemostasis Testing System is a fully automated, high sensitivity chemiluminescent system designed for Hemostasis specialty and routine testing.
Among the topics are the influence of copolymer of sodium-methacrylic acid and methacrylic acid isobutyl ester on the physical-mechanical properties of cement systems, experimental data by piecewise linear functions, using micro-sized ferrocomposite particles to immobilize biologically active compounds, the thermal destruction process of aromatic polyamide and organic plastics, and two chemiluminescent methods for determining the blood serum antioxidant activity of patients with liver pathology.
Bio-Rad Laboratories' ChemiDoc MP imaging system is a stain-free enabled instrument capable of chemiluminescent, multiplex fluorescent and routine gel imaging.
Laboratory C measures PTH on an Abbott Architect analyser using chemiluminescent microparticle immunoassay (CMIA).
The most common method for analysing protein expression levels is western blotting with detection of a single protein target, using horseradish peroxidase--conjugated or alkaline phosphatase--conjugated antibody probes combined with colorimetric or chemiluminescent detection.
There has been a lot of controversy and debate" on whether to test for serum 25(OH)D using chemiluminescent technology or liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry technology, Ravinder J.
For the IVD market, SurModics also offers protein stabilizer reagents, colorimetric and chemiluminescent substrates, secondary antibodies and the Synthetic ECM cell culture platform.
Radical scavenging was measured with a chemiluminescent assay (luminol) and by electron spin resonance, ESR.
Both the Advia Centaur and Immulite 2500 use chemiluminescent substrates, whereas the TOSOH uses a fluorogenic tracer.