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Emission of light as a result of a chemical reaction.

chem′i·lu′mi·nes′cent adj.
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Adj.1.chemiluminescent - relating to the phenomenon of chemiluminescence; "fireflies are chemiluminescent"
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This line of fully quantitative Q-Plex[TM] multiplex ELISAs and chemiluminescent Q-View[TM] imagers provides a highly sensitive means to simultaneously measure multiple markers using a single sample.
The chemiluminescent assays complement its previously cleared QUANTA Flash CCP3 assay, which detects anti-citrullinated peptide antibodies (ACPA) and expands the number of the FDA-cleared assays available on BIO-FLASH, a random access chemiluminescent system.
ACL AcuStar Hemostasis Testing System is a fully automated, high sensitivity chemiluminescent system designed for Hemostasis specialty and routine testing.
We report that plasma aldosterone is overestimated by a widely used automated chemiluminescent immunoassay (Diasorin Liaison) in patients with renal impairment.
Thyroid Function Test (TFT) was done by Chemiluminescent Immunoassay (CLIA) on Abbott Architect plus analyzer.
Their topics include the history of coral disease research, the innate immune system in cnidarians, the physiology of skeletogenesis in scleractinian coral, aspergillosis of Caribbean Sea fan corals, skeletal growth anomalies in corals, cyanobacteria-associated colored-band diseases of the Atlantic and Caribbean, coral "bleaching" as a generalized stress response to environmental disturbance, biocontainment practices for coral disease research, and chemiluminescent methods for quantifying DNA abasic lesions in scleractinian coral tissues.
Total T4 was quantitatively determined using competitive, chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay) [15] using kits supplied from Siemens Diagnostic, Los Angeles, USA.
Bio-Rad Laboratories' ChemiDoc MP imaging system is a stain-free enabled instrument capable of chemiluminescent, multiplex fluorescent and routine gel imaging.
The Tankyrase 1 Chemiluminescent Activity Assay comes as a highly sensitive chemi luminescent screening kit for the identification of Tankyrase 1 inhibitors in an in vitro system.
Laboratory C measures PTH on an Abbott Architect analyser using chemiluminescent microparticle immunoassay (CMIA).
The most common method for analysing protein expression levels is western blotting with detection of a single protein target, using horseradish peroxidase--conjugated or alkaline phosphatase--conjugated antibody probes combined with colorimetric or chemiluminescent detection.