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Noun1.chemistry lab - a laboratory for research in chemistrychemistry lab - a laboratory for research in chemistry
lab, laboratory, research lab, research laboratory, science lab, science laboratory - a workplace for the conduct of scientific research
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As an alternative to commercial chemistry lab manuals that recycle activities that are decades old, and to the cut-and-paste model of choosing activities through the Internet, DeMeo proposes a thematic design, which uses an object, a concept, a procedures, or a teaching strategy as a reference point around which to build new knowledge.
He inspected various sections of the laboratory including physical lab, drug release lab, chemistry lab, hi-tech lab, and microbiology lab.
Of the building's many features, the new chemistry lab has received high marks from students and faculty.
A full-time lab technician has been employed to ensure the effective functionality of the new facilities, which include a physics lab with centrally managed AC and DC power units, a chemistry lab for conducting experiments using articulated gas units, and a biology lab where students can conduct in-depth microscopic investigations.
It includes a computer lab that accommodates 40 students as well as a chemistry lab.
We have found our flow now, but our house now looks like a chemistry lab. It's a great feeling to be able to do something that you love.
The gift will pay for upgrades in the introductory chemistry lab, the quantitative analysis and instrumental analysis lab, and the organic lab, according to a news release.
The building, costing Rs181 million, was part of the federal government funded Rs860 million mega project for construction of faculty of management sciences, two hostels, civil engineering department and an advanced chemistry lab, besides provision of 10 foreign indigenous scholarships.
She said one girl became very close to him and she and her friends would hang around the chemistry lab where the defendant worked.
Bairn served as chemistry lab supervisor for the company.
The Islamic State group reportedly has been using a prestigious university's chemistry lab in Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, to churn out advanced explosive devices while training its militants to make them.

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