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Noun1.chemosis - edema of the mucous membrane of the eyeball and eyelid lining
dropsy, edema, hydrops, oedema - swelling from excessive accumulation of watery fluid in cells, tissues, or serous cavities
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After getting a detailed history, main findings on her clinical examination were mild proptosis in left eye, associated with slight chemosis, divergent squint 45 degrees and restricted extraocular movements (Elevation, depression and adduction).
Red-fronted parakeet with Chemosis conjunctiva and severe palpebral swellings because of subconjunctival granulomatosis and consecutive swelling of the eyelids.
Severe pain, chemosis, blepharospasm, photophobia, lacrimation, corneal abrasions, and keratoconjunctivitis may develop with ocular contact.
After treatment with tobramycin/dexamethasone ointment for 3 days, he noted worsening erythema, periorbital edema, and chemosis on the right side.
Cat was also having left eye chemosis with left hemopurulent ocular and nasal discharges.
Chemosis and upper lid edema were observed in the left eye on slit-lamp examination.
The clinical features of the idiopathic inflammation of the extraocular muscle also known as idiopathic orbital myositis are acute and severe pain of the eyes, proptosis, eyelid swelling, and erythema, and conjunctival redness and chemosis [2, 13].
We take in consideration the presence or not of pain, lid and conjunctival edema (chemosis), and lid and conjunctival redness.
Clinical examination revealed severe nonreducible exophthalmos with bulb dislocated medially and inferiorly, associated with eyelid chemosis and decreased vision in the right eye (1/10).
The right eye examination revealed eyelid swelling, proptosis, marked chemosis, and complete ptosis; light perception of visual acuity; absent afferent pupillary reflex; and optic disk swelling and retinal hemorrhage.
She was afebrile, cachectic, had decreased left-sided breath sounds, mild left-sided proptosis, chemosis, and bilateral cataracts on admission.