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 (kē′mō-tăk-sŏn′ə-mē, kĕm′ō-)
The classification of organisms based on differences at the biochemical level, as in the amino acid sequences of common proteins.

che′mo·tax′o·nom′ic (-tăk′sə-nŏm′ĭk) adj.
che′mo·tax′o·nom′i·cal·ly adv.
che′mo·tax·on′o·mist n.
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of or relating to chemotaxonomy
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A chemotaxonomic analysis of cannabinoid variation in Cannabis (Cannabaccae).
Alkylated pyridine alkaloids, especially those having a long functionalized (NO2, NH2, NH2O, C=C, alkyne,) chain alkyl at C-3 of the pyridine ring, are abundantly isolated from marine sponges of the order Haplosclerida, which allowed us to consider 3alkyl pyridine compounds as chemotaxonomic markers for the systematic identification of haplosclerid members [6].
In chemotaxonomic characterization, no cell sugars were detected on chromatogram comparing with the standard lanes loaded with sugars such as galactose, glucose, arabinose, mannose, ribose and rhamnose.
Major reasons include lack of facilities of specialized equipments for chemotaxonomic analyses as well as expertise knowledge required for the validation process of any novel species.
GC-MS data of the plants are valuable for setting up chemotaxonomic profiles.
Taxonomic rearrangement of the genus Schizochytrium sensu lato based on morphology, chemotaxonomic characteristics, and 18S rRNA gene phylogeny (Thraustochytriaceae, Labyrinthulomycetes): emendation for Schizochytrium and erection of Aurantiochytrium and Ohlongichytrium gen.
He said DNA-based identification can complement the "chemotaxonomic and metabolomics analytical methods, but they must be part of a complete quality testing toolbox, which constitutes a reliable authentication platform."
The new genus includes species characterized by: 1) inconspicuous or reduced ostiolar discs and 2) azaphilones of the specific cohaerin type (including minutellins and multiformins) as stromatal pigments (chemotaxonomic markers).
Our results show that the method proposed allows the chemotaxonomic forensic examination to prove the nature of the suspected Cannabis sativa L.