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Adj.1.chemotherapeutical - of or relating to chemotherapy
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Osteopenia and osteoporosis are important but unnoticed problems that might appear due to disease itself and chemotherapeutical agents, most likely corticosteroids, methotrexate, and cranial radiotherapy.
The patient was followed up in the intensive care unit for two days and after 10 days of hospitalization, she was discharged and referred to medical oncology department for the further systemic chemotherapeutical treatment.
Nevertheless, another group reported an inferior outcome after resection for CLM in these cases with chemotherapeutical treatment prior to liver resection.
This way, cytostatic agents--natural or synthetic substances, which inhibit either cell growth or cell division--can get to the center of the tumor cell like a Trojan horse, and can unfold their chemotherapeutical effect.
Recent studies in nanomedicine concluded that fullerenes, CNTs, and graphene have favorable properties for the carriage, targeted, and controlled delivery of chemotherapeutical drugs including taxol (paclitaxel), docetaxel (DTX), doxorubicin (DOX), and others [22, 29, 31, 32, 44, 50-53].
Patients with AML received chemotherapeutical agents according to the AML BFM 2004 and AML BFM 2013 protocols.
Macrophages induce the expression of cytidine deaminase, the primary metabolizing enzyme of the chemotherapeutical agent gemcitabine, in pancreatic cancer cells.
A previous study, using the human colon cancer Caco-2 cell line, demonstrated that the [IC.sub.50] of chemotherapeutical agents was decreased during combination treatment with [beta]-carotene with agent-related reversal effects (Eid et al.
Increase sensitivity to chemotherapeutical agents and cytoplasmatic interaction between NPM leukemic mutant and NF-kappaB in AML carrying NPM1 mutations.
It is used as a systemic chemotherapeutical agent since its mode of action appears to inhibit DNA synthesis and DNA destruction.
The calves of category four were selected for chemotherapeutical trials.