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A formfitting dress with a high collar and usually long, slit skirt, traditionally worn by Chinese women. Also called qipao.

[Cantonese ceong4 saam1, long gown : ceong4, long (from Middle Chinese trɦiaŋ; also the source of Mandarin cháng) : saam1, gown (from Middle Chinese ʂa⋮m; also the source of Mandarin shān).]


(Clothing & Fashion) a straight dress, usually of silk or cotton, with a stand-up collar and a slit in one side of the skirt, worn by Chinese women
[from Chinese (Cantonese), variant of Mandarin ch'ang shan long jacket]



a knee-length dress with a mandarin collar and slit skirt, worn in East Asia.
[1955–60; < Chinese dial. (Guangdong) chèuhngsāam < Chinese chángshān literally, long dress]


A Chinese women’s dress with a slit skirt and a high, stiff collar.
čínský ženský šat
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At the malls, little girls and young women in red 'qipao' or cheongsams walk by, while 24-hour convenience stores sell pink-colored breads and sweets.
Black, red, and gold dominate this season's collection consisting of dresses, jackets, wraparound tops with kimono sleeves, caftans, slim pants, and reinterpreted and sleeveless cheongsams with haltered neckline and flared hemline.
With sister Jess and cousin Martine Cajucom, she flaunted cheongsams and hats being sold in the area.
In the series, sexy elements such as women, cheongsams, flowers and thighs present a kind of gaudy and erotic beauty.
There were zombie-women wearing cheongsams with identification cards emblazoned with the Malaysia Airlines logo.
Road's" plot and setting gave HBO plenty of opportunities for shots of cheongsams and rickshaws and storylines about slippery colonialists, opium dens and gambling addicts.
service people wearing cheongsams handed over pineapple juice airline magazine reports plum blossom sticker at the plane tail peeling off sure to be a problem of 3M stickers that have nothing to do with the sticking technology of China Airlines Plum blossom sticker I wish you decency strength au --tonomy as well so you get to be no longer face-loving bubble-blowing cheongsam-wearing military-shows-running visa-never-proceeding a China even though you've rejected endless Chinese who believed in you homeless due to penniless by now I imagine flying in a land without identity with regard to plum stickers 1997 Chinese history I am Hongkongese BNO and my bags heavy learning to be grateful and autonomous like water held in a transparent glass It's heavy [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (20)
I'm glad that [a person in attendance] said what he did [a sarcastic remark about celebrating Christmas in his culture with a tree and some presents], otherwise, they might have insisted that we put on some cheongsams and beat some drums, maybe light some incense.
Pretty Chinese and Thai waitresses robed in traditional Chinese Cheongsams - Naomi Campbell herself has been photographed wearing one of these elegant, thigh slitting numbers - are all beaming smiles as they lead you to your table and enquire after your day.
Along with the ubiquitous barber shops that turn into nighttime all-body massage parlors, this institution, known as a KTV, is Shanghai's sole novel contribution to the Asian sex trade, though those submissive Suzie Wongs in bright, tight silk cheongsams are a far cry from the iconic Shanghai butterflies of cinematic and literary legend.