chernozemic soil

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Noun1.chernozemic soil - a rich black loam of Russia
loam - a rich soil consisting of a mixture of sand and clay and decaying organic materials
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The two native study sites included: 1) an upland bench (Mixedgrass Prairie) consisting of a Stipa-Agropyron range type on a loam textured, Orthic Dark Brown Chernozemic soil, and 2) a mesic fescue grassland (Festuca-Stipa range type) community on a loam textured, Orthic Black Chernozemic soil.
Role of continuous wheat and amendments in ameliorating an artificially eroded dark brown chernozemic soil under dryland conditions.
We worked in an old field at the University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan (50 [degrees] 26 [minutes] N, 104 [degrees] 40 [minutes] W) on Dark Brown Chernozemic soil (Agriculture Canada 1992).