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n. pl. an·gi·o·mas or an·gi·o·ma·ta (-mə-tə)
A tumor composed chiefly of lymph and blood vessels.

an′gi·o′ma·tous (-ō′mə-təs, -ŏm′ə-) adj.
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n, pl -mas or -mata (-mətə)
(Pathology) a tumour consisting of a mass of blood vessels (haemangioma) or a mass of lymphatic vessels (lymphangioma)
ˌangiˈomatous adj
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(ˌæn dʒiˈoʊ mə)

n., pl. -mas, -ma•ta (-mə tə)
a benign tumor consisting chiefly of dilated or newly formed blood vessels (hemangioma) or lymph vessels (lymphangioma).
[1870–75; < Greek angeî(on) vessel (see angio-) + -oma]
an`gi•om′a•tous (-ˈɒm ə təs, -ˈoʊ mə-) adj.
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Noun1.angioma - a tumor consisting of a mass of blood or lymphatic vessels
angiopathy - any disease of the blood vessels or lymph ducts
neoplasm, tumor, tumour - an abnormal new mass of tissue that serves no purpose
haemangioma, hemangioma - benign angioma consisting of a mass of blood vessels; some appear as birthmarks
lymphangioma - benign angioma consisting of a mass of lymphatic vessels
spider angioma, spider nevus, vascular spider - a dilation of superficial capillaries with a central red dot from which blood vessels radiate
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n angioma m; cherry — hemangioma m capilar; spider — araña vascular, angioma aracniforme
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Cherry angioma (CA) or senile angioma is the most common type of acquired benign vascular proliferation which usually presents as nonblanching red papules on the acral and truncal areas [1].
Other common findings are skin tags (8.3%), xanthelasma palpebrarum (3.34%), acanthosis nigricans (6.67%) and cherry angioma (1.67%).
In another study carried out by Plunkett et al., the prevalence of cherry angioma had increased with age, while warts were observed with lower frequency [12].
The common skin disorders prevalent in elderly are xerosis, pruritus, dermatoheliosis (photoageing), benign tumours like acrochordons, seborrheic keratosis, cherry angioma, infections like herpes zoster, dermatophytosis, cellulitis, etc.
The common non-infective dermatoses observed in the study were xerosis (54.9%), senile ichthyosis (29.5%), dermatosis papulosa nigra (24%) (figure 3), acrochordon (24.4%), cherry angioma (17.1%) (figure 4), seborrhoeic keratoses (17.8%), colloid milia (13.1%), macular amyloidosis (10.5%), senile comedones (9.1), senile ecchymosis (4.7%) (Figure 5), lichen simplex chronicus (4.7%), fissure foot (12%), non-healing ulcers (1.5%), xanthelasma palpebrarum (figure 6), prurigo nodularis, psoriasis, bullous pemphigoid, longitudinal ridging of nails, oral submucosal fibrosis.