cherry stone

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Noun1.cherry stone - the stone seed of a cherry
endocarp, pit, stone - the hard inner (usually woody) layer of the pericarp of some fruits (as peaches or plums or cherries or olives) that contains the seed; "you should remove the stones from prunes before cooking"
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They are made with pure butter and mahlab, the spice comprising the dried St Lucy's cherry stone.
In the next room, others stood patiently in long lines to wait for volunteer grafters like Shepherd to snip, whittle and bind cuttings from apple, pear, cherry stone fruit trees and persimmon to root stock grown by orchardists throughout the state, many of them members of the Home Orchard Society.
Confirmed acts for the Nuneaton show include fire-eater Venus Starr and dancers Aurora Toxique and Cherry Stone, while audience members are encouraged to get in the mood and wear burlesquestyle costumes.
Seuss's Eight-Nozzled Elephant-Toted Boom Blitz (although that machine spewed sour cherry stone pits, not blog posts).
She has filled five display cabinets with bits of fluff, dust, hair, plastic, twigs, woollen pom-poms and a discarded cherry stone.
Head'' is based on ''Atama-Yama,'' a Rakugo story in which a stingy man ends up having a cherry tree growing on his head after swallowing a cherry stone.
A member of the Fine Arts faculty at the University of Massachusetts, Beal has exhibited his work at a number of galleries, including Cherry Stone Gallery of Wellfleet, Mass.
Because of the small size of the cherry and the lightness of its flesh and the insubstantiality of its skin, scarcely more solid than the surface of a liquid drop, the cherry stone was always incongruous.
Unknowingly, the big man was playing at world level with a nodule the size of a large cherry stone floating in his knee which caused him constant, nagging pain.